Hiking in Abruzzo - wild orchids

Italy's awesome orchids

You might be forgiven for thinking that orchids are a luxury of the tropics, but they don’t just reside in exotic rainforests and your local garden centres!  Italy, and particularly Abruzzo, is home to some 50 species of orchid thriving in the lofty woodlands and meadows which cover...

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The best hiking holidays in Italy for solo travellers

The best holidays in Italy for solo travellers

The number of people taking a solo holiday each year continues to rise. While many of these are taking once-in-a-lifetime adventure tours, special interest trips such as solo walking holidays are fast becoming a popular option. The simple fact is that if your friends or partner don’t share the...

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Luxury Hotels for Walking Holidays in Italy

The good news is that the days of a hiking holiday going hand-in-hand with basic hostel-style accommodation are long gone. If you like the idea of a luxury walking holiday, read on to find out about some of our favourite boutique hotels in Italy.

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The Best Time to Hike in Italy

One of the questions that pops up repeatedly from our guests is when is the best time to go walking in Italy.  The answer is not straightforward ...

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Food for Thought

This month I finally had the chance to visit FICO Eataly World just outside the city of Bologna. Billed as "The World's Largest Agri-Food Park" the site has 22 hectares of fields and stables, 40 farming factories, 45 restaurants or eating stations and a market space.

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A View of Volterra

Volterra is one of the oldest towns in Tuscany having a history which can date its earliest settlements to the 8th century BC.

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Italy's Best Hiking Routes

One of the questions that crops up time after time is which is the best region in Italy for walking. Not surprisingly, there’s no simple answer...

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Hedonistic Hiking in the UK Press

We are pleased to have been mentioned recently in the UK press in both the Mail on Sunday and Good Housekeeping magazine.

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Your holiday checklist

With Spring well on track in Europe and our first tour just a few weeks away, it’s time to start thinking about getting organised for your holiday. Although you don’t need to think about finding accommodation or booking car hire on a Hedonistic Hiking tour, it’s still a good idea to start...

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The Rise of the "Scattered Hotel"

The Albergo Diffuso is a relatively recent concept in Italy based around the idea of restoring old houses and buildings for the purposes of tourism. The phrase translates literally as "scattered hotel".

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