Packing Tips for Hiking Trips

Submitted by HedonisticHiking on 8 Apr 2024

The key message for anyone joining a Hedonistic Hiking tour is "less is more"!   If you have travelled with us before, you will be aware that we transport you in two 9-seater minivans with limited luggage space. We can happily accommodate medium-sized bags/suitcases (max 70cm x 50cm x 25cm) along with a rucksack for each hiker, but we cannot accommodate five or six weeks of luggage in enormous suitcases for those on extended European vacations.  In this instance, larger suitcases will need to be left at the pre or post tour hotel, or you could use a service such as Send My Bag to move it on to your required destination. Ultimately you will be grateful for packing light as before and after your tour with us you will be handling your own luggage, so really think about only bringing essential items.


Hiking clothes

Many modern fabrics used today are recycled and quick-drying, so you don't need a new shirt for each of the days you are hiking.  A couple of shirts which can be rinsed out in the evening will suffice. Zip-off trousers which can be worn long or also as shorts can cut down on space in the bag.  Layering fine thermal tops will keep you warm without adding bulk.  Of course you will need a waterproof jacket and one warm fleece, but one of these can be worn whilst travelling to free up space in the bag. Also remember that in at least one hotel on each of our itineraries you will have the opportunity to organise laundry.  Find out more about sustainable choices for hiking gear.


This is one of the most bulky items to pack so, along with your hiking boots, which you are well advised to wear whilst travelling, opt for a versatile style which can be worn with multiple outfits.  In our experience comfort is more important than style when it comes to shoes, not least on the uneven cobbles of a medieval Italian piazza!  Wearing your walking boots and having essentials in your carry-on luggage means that you won't miss a day of hiking should your luggage go astray or get delayed.


Packing tips

Rolling your clothes reduces creasing and allows you to fit more in. If you want to be uber-organised, packing cubes can really save time. Items can be sorted by type and are therefore easy to locate, and the cubes are also really useful for toiletries and medications or electronic items like chargers and adapters. On most of our tours we stay in three different hotels, so this might be a consideration as we move on every couple of days. Compression bags are also very useful if you have more bulky items to bring.

Evening clothes

We all dine together in the evenings, but there is no need to pack a different outfit for each dinner.  We find that a couple of pairs of trousers, and/or a skirt or dress, with two or three different tops which can be mixed and matched is more than enough.  Mealtimes for us are convivial affairs, sharing wonderful food and sparkling conversation, and no-one will be preoccupied with what you are wearing.



You will need a hat for walking, to protect against the sun and possibly a warm one for the cold depending on your itinerary. Gloves, hiking socks and sunglasses should all be on your list. Think about items which can serve more than one purpose - a large scarf can double as blanket on the plane, or a sarong can be used as a beach towel or cover-up if you're on an itinerary with opportunities to swim. Remember your swimwear too!  Our recent Blog on hiking accessories provides useful tips.

Hiking Poles

Remember that hiking poles need to go in your checked luggage, so you should look for folding poles.  As a general rule, the more you spend on poles the better they are, and the very light-weight carbon fibre ones are the best.  When folded they will even fit comfortably into your rucksack, which is easy if you are visiting a museum for example or stopping for lunch. Leki and Black Diamond are both excellent brands.  Discover more about the benefits of hiking with poles.


Hydration and Nutrition

We will give you a 700ml Hedonistic Hiking water bottle on the first day to keep, and we provide hiking snacks along the route each day. We will also give you a Hedonistic Hiking sit mat to make you more comfortable during our picnic lunch stops.


We recommend that you don't travel with high value items such as expensive watches and jewellery.  Always have a photocopy of your passport and credit card details/phone numbers kept separately and leave a photocopy of your passport at home.  Bring a photocopy of your prescription with you, in case you need to replace medications.  You should have organised travel insurance at the point of booking, so make sure you have the details to hand in the case of any losses.

Before your tour, you will receive comprehensive pre-trip information which will include a packing list.  If you have worries concerning your bags or the amount of luggage you will be travelling with, please email us and we are happy to talk you through the options available to you.  Happy Hiking!