COVID-19 Latest Information for Travellers


Last updated: July 2022

Now international travel is back we are running our full programme of tours in both Europe and Victoria in 2022 and beyond.  In these changing times however there are new aspects to overseas trips which need to be considered by all travellers.

In order to protect the health and wellbeing of all involved, we will ask all guests to complete the pre-trip Health Questionnaire and hand it to us on Day 1 of the tour. A negative result for a Rapid Antigen Test (self test) taken within 48 hours of the tour is currently required.  We will also carry test kits should guests start to feel unwell during a tour, but we strongly recommend that you travel with your own supply of testing kits.

From 2023 it will no longer be mandatory for you to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 to join a Hedonistic Hiking tour, but we strongly recommend that you are.  Entry requirements for each European country are different and it is imperative that you have and read and understood what is mandatory.  Check on your own government website for the latest details. If you have booked your trip through a Travel Agent they will be able to assist you.

In Australia:
In the UK:
In the US:

Requirements for returning home also vary from country and country.  It is your responsibility to understand the requirements of the country you are travelling to and to build in sufficient time to your travel itinerary after the tour is finished to take relevant tests and wait for results. If you need to show a negative test result for international travel, you should get either a molecular (PCR) or antigen swab test from a testing centre. Lab results for a PCR test usually take a day whereas results for antigen tests take around half an hour. Private tests can be carried out without a prescription at airports, labs, testing centres, or even at your accommodation via private doctors such as Med in Action or Medelit and prices vary from €20 to €100.  If you do need to arrange a test during the tour please understand that you will miss part of the itinerary and you will need to organise your own transport to a testing centre.  Find more useful information via this link. 

As of June 1 2022, the Green Pass or other equivalent certification is no longer required for entry or re-entry into Italy.

Covid-19 restrictive measures for arrivals from abroad are no longer in force.  Useful websites for travel in Italy are as follows:

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation

Travel in Italy - General

The wearing of masks is no longer required in most situations but is still required on public transport. Please note that you will need to wear the FFP2/N95 style medical masks. They are widely available and cost around €1.00.  They should be changed regularly.  We recommend you wear a mask when travelling in the Hedonistic Hiking minibus.

In the unfortunate event that you get Covid-19 during a tour, we will ask you to isolate but will continue to look after you to the best of our ability for the duration of the tour. In most cases you will be able to isolate in your hotel and all meals will be provided. You (or your insurance) will need to cover any additional costs which may be incurred in this situation.

We strongly suggest you purchase travel insurance at the time you pay your deposit, as cancellation fees and charges are payable from that time. We recommend a policy from a reputable insurer with COVID-19 travel insurance benefits, such as this one from Covermore.  Some airlines are making short-notice schedule changes, so make sure you have a policy which covers you for this disruption.

We have reviewed our Terms & Conditions in line with CATO guidelines (Council for Australian Tour Operators) for both European and Australian tours.  These have been updated to include latest industry standards and can be viewed here.

See our Health and Safety procedures to ensure the wellbeing of our guests, and give reassurance that they can travel with confidence. 


Jackie and Mick Parsons