Celebrating ten tours!

Submitted by HedonisticHiking on 10 Jul 2024

British couple David and Rosanne Hughes have reached the fantastic milestone this year of completing 10 tours with Hedonistic Hiking.  Annabel spoke to them about their experiences with us and what tours they have their eyes on for the future.

How did you first come across Hedonistic Hiking?

We spotted a small article in 2015 in UK newspaper The Times which mentioned walking in Italy with good food and wine.  We had both always enjoyed visiting Italy and sampling its cuisine, and we are both active with our hobbies, so it seemed to be a good fit for us.


Had you done escorted walking holidays before your first HH tour?

No we hadn't.  Through golf and activities with our local Ramblers group we were keen walkers, but we'd tried walking independently around Lake Como and discovered that finding our own way was quite challenging!

What do you enjoy most about group walking?

We feel that the Hedonistic Hiking full group of max 16 people is just the right size. We generally meet people with much in common and there is a lot of interesting conversation on the walks and in the evenings. We also love the fact that Jackie or Mick guides every tour, so each time we know exactly what to expect.


This year you have reached the amazing milestone of 10 HH tours.  What is it that brings you back?

We are drawn to the amazing views and hiking in rural, unspoilt locations far from the tourist hotspots.  As well as their hiking advice, Jackie and Mick always give interesting commentary on the history of the areas and any local artistic highlights. We also love the HH choice of hotels and restaurants.

How do you work on your fitness in readiness for a tour?

We both walk regularly at home but try to do a few more hills in the 6 weeks before a trip, to get ourselves ready for the ascents and descents and different terrains.


Could you pick a favourite tour of all the ones you have completed?

Probably the Italian Lakes. In fact it's so good we have done it twice!

What do you have your eye on for the future?

For 2025 we are looking at the Wilds of Abruzzo and A Tuscan Harvest. The following year perhaps Etruscan Trails in Central Italy and The Jewels of Piedmont. Then in 2027 it will probably be time for us to witness the incredible Palio of Siena!