Walking Holidays in Italy

A guided walking holiday in Italy can offer the most delicious escape from the everyday world.  On a hiking holiday you have time to stop and study the landscape, you are close enough to nature to marvel at its many wonders, and the clean fresh air fills you with life and energy.


A walking holiday in Italy brings many other pleasures.   The Italian people are warm and welcoming and love to share with visitors their incredible culinary traditions.  Some of the most delicious food is still made the way it was 400 years ago - cured hams and salamis, mountain cheeses, homemade pastas and first-pressed olive oils.  Vines have been cultivated here too for literally thousands of years - a vast array of grapes grown from north to south making some truly classic wines.  And if you have been hiking during the day you can really allow yourself to indulge at lunchtime and in the evenings.


The architectural and artistic heritage of Italy is incomparable - there are layers of history to uncover from the Etruscans to the Romans, the Medieval Gothic to the Renaissance, the Baroque through to the 21st century. Escorted walks will take you to stunning churches and palaces, and knowledgeable guides will bring to life sculptures and carvings, frescoes and paintings.


A hiking holiday in Italy also allows you to savour its beautiful landscape and warm Mediterranean climate - waving wheat fields in spring, bursting sunflower fields in summer and golden ripening vineyards in autumn.  Whether you are walking in Tuscany, Abruzzo, Piedmont, the Italian Alps and Dolomites, Southern Italy or the Italian Lakes the scenery is breathtaking.


If you've never been on a walking holiday in Italy before it almost doesn't matter where you start - this is a country that has it all!   At Hedonistic Hiking we are passionate about the food, the wine and the walking of this beautiful land.  For full details of our small group walking tours click on the ITALY tab above.  To receive to our monthly electronic newsletter please subscribe on the home page.