Here is a selection of post-tour comments which we have received recently from Hedonistic Hikers via email, Trip Advisor and Facebook.  We are always grateful for your feedback.

I enjoyed my HH tour enormously. The two of you were terrific hosts, the organisation generally ran like clockwork and you somehow managed to arrange good weather for all of our walking days.  What can I say about Cinzia’s picnics that’s not already been said? The lunches were great. To produce that variety on the basis of a morning shop and out of the back of a van is extraordinary. Lunch was a real highlight of every day. I won’t hesitate to recommend HH to friends.

Steven Hall - (Etruscan Trails in Central Italy - May 2024)

Jackie - both you and Mick have the hearts of a teacher.  I so appreciate your "chats" about history and culture.  It enriches the experience. Dan and I plan to attempt to learn more Italian before we see you again. We do tell everyone we know about your company. Do carry on!  We need you!   Hope to see you in Siena in the near future.

Dan and Cheryl Love - (The Jewels of Piedmont - October 2023)

On my first trip to Italy I could not have picked a better venue in which to experience and enjoy the history, beauty, food, wine and walking.  Your kindness, expertise and openness make us all feel so welcome and is much appreciated.  I cannot wait for 2024 and The Tuscan Harvest!

Marcy Kirksey - (The Jewels of Piedmont - October 2023)

We just completed our 5th trip with the amazing team at Hedonistic Hiking. We keep coming back because the quality of the experience is truly next level.  Mick and Jackie are wonderful hosts and are masters of food, wine and walking.  We have also made great friends with other guests and we are already planning the next trip.  Thank you.

Phil and Catherine Clothier - (Southern Italy - October 2023)

What a fantastic trip, great walking, great company and amazing organisation with supplying delicious picnics, ferrying us around, and making sure everyone was enjoying themselves.  Many thanks!

Nicky and Peter Gill - (Northern Tuscany and Ravenna - October 2023)

Perfect mix of food, wine and walking!  Every day was an adventure delivered with heart!

David and Rosanne Hughes - (Northern Tuscany and Ravenna - October 2023)

We have just completed the Tuscan Harvest walking tour and had the most amazing time and highly recommend! Jackie and Cinzia were amazing, so professional and organised, yet warm and welcoming. Everything ran so smoothly we didn’t have to think about anything except enjoying the walking and beautiful Tuscan scenery. The restaurants and vineyards we visited were outstanding and our final dinner at Arnolfo was exquisite and delicious and the experience will remain with us forever. Can’t wait to book our next tour with Hedonistic Hiking!  Thank you Jackie & Cinzia!!

Tracey Dean - (A Tuscan Harvest - September 2023)

Hedonistic Hiking is a superb way to experience Italian food, wine and off road landscape!  The hiking takes place in beautiful beech forests with mountain vistas or amongst vineyards and small villages. The groups are small and the high quality, interesting accommodation is truly unique. I can’t recommend this company more highly…so professional and just a delight to be on board.

Jill Moir - (Parma, Tuscany and the Ligurian Sea - September 2023)

Dear Jackie and Mick,

No 4 hike with you for me.  Always a great experience and probably my favourite scenery on this one.  Yet again a great group of people! Thank you for your kindness and consideration - I don't think I could hike with another company.  Keep doing what you're doing!

Lisa Lyons - (The Italian Lakes - September 2023)

Thank you again for a wonderful trip!  I have absolutely loved my time in the Italian Alps with you.  You provide a wonderful opportunity to explore very special places.  Great group, wonderful food and wine and lots of fun!  See you again soon!

Sue Thomas - (Best of the Italian Alps - July 2023)

What an extraordinary trip!  As we wandered the catacombs and graves, I was convinced the Etruscans had it right, getting close to the best of people is good for the soul. The time with Hedonistic Hiking and the group of people you attracted gave us exactly that - time spent in the company of the best of people.

As we strolled those rolling hills, we steadily gathered a whole new insight into the story of this country. Mick, your passion for sharing these special locations was evident and contagious. Photographs will never do this adventure justice but you have given us a treasure trove of memories to carry forward.  Your hospitality was beyond expectation - the meals were wonderful!  And walking into lunch to Cinzia’s words of encouragement and welcome will remain a highlight of our trip. We are keen to return - Slovenia in 2025?!

Tricia Velthuizen(Etruscan Trails in Central Italy May 2023)

I don't know where to begin with my praise for the fabulous Etruscan Trails hike. Every element was so perfectly balanced; the cultural visits, the art and history talks, wine appreciation and such delicious food and of course the hiking!  To have two such brilliant experts as you, Mick and Cinzia, was a rare treat and the whole experience was way beyond my expectation. You both infected us with your passion for and knowledge of the region.  I  also gained loads of confidence from the lovely welcome I received from everyone on this my first solo holiday. I hope to rejoin you again soon.

Janet Geerlings - (Etruscan Trails in Central Italy May 2023)

Well we are home safe and sound after a marvellous week with you. It was a magic holiday and the way you looked after us was much appreciated.  You are passionate about everything your brand stands for and that shone through every single day of the trip.  The memories of our adventure on the Great Ocean Walk will last a life time and we are already talking about what tours we could join you on in future years.  Thanks again for the adventure, the delicious food, fun and sharing the joy and passion you have for your wonderful business.

Deborah Stonley and Michelle Reichelt - (Great Ocean Walk March 2023)

Thanks Jackie and Mick.  It was a wonderful tour, as usual. You two really do have the whole experience down to a fine art- from the brochures, newsletters, website, arranging the logistics of each tour, designing interesting and informative tours, the boutique accommodation places, and of course the food and wine which introduce us to the local specialties. 

Lydia Melnikoff - (Great Ocean Walk - December 2022)

Jackie, you've been such a wonderful host, truly caring and giving and generous. You've looked after us so well and made my experience truly special and memorable.  You've made me feel like part of the family. Thank you so much.

Amanda Menahem - (Jewels of Piedmont - October 2022)

Having been on many trips around the world I can honestly state that I have been so amazed by the professionalism and style of this tour. The quality of walks, the fantastic food and the cultural angle have all contributed to make this a great experience.  Jackie and Cinzia, you have really conveyed the spirit of Italy.

Gianfranco de Martino - (Jewels of Piedmont - October 2022)

This has been a wonderful trip, so very interesting and so much fun to meet and be with everyone on the tour.  Thank you for all you do.  You folks have a unique company and we love it, as you know!  We wish you all the best.

Carol Mann - (Northern Tuscany & Ravenna - October 2022)

Thank you Jackie and to Cinzia for an absolutely wonderful Tuscan indulgence. I can’t find a negative comment about your adventure. You expertly covered every aspect required for a totally exceptional Italian experience.  I would like to book another hike for Spring in 2024!

Louise Lloyd - (A Tuscan Harvest - September 2022)

Thank you so much for an absolutely wonderful week. The attention to detail and thoughtful planning made for one of the most sensational vacation experiences I've ever had.  Thanks and best wishes to all involved and a special Grazie to our fantastic cook Cinzia.  Look forward to joining HH again soon!

Roz Averis - (A Tuscan Harvest - September 2022)

Jackie and Tansy, thank you for this wonderful tour of the most beautiful island of Corsica.  We have thoroughly enjoyed yet another tour with you where every detail on every level has exceeded expectations. The food, wine and walking has been perfect, as promised!  Looking forward to the next one!

Mira, Ilonka and Carmel (Island of Corsica - September 2022)

For me this is #3 but a new tour for Hedonistic Hiking. Again a sensational experience. You find the most extraordinary hotels, hiking trails and food & wine. I just love it all. The boat trip along the coast was very special. Congratulations to you.

Jill Moir - (Heart of Sardinia - September 2022)

Just wanted to say again a Big Thank You to you for two great weeks of hiking. I enjoyed myself soooo much and the old legs held up pretty well! I have to say of the two islands, each unique, Corsica was simply stunning. The hikes were so different, from coastal limestone and beach to pink granite with wonderful sea views and then inland to glaciated valleys and grey granite of towering proportions! Bastia is quirky and beautiful - like a slightly larger Corte. You and Mick have done a grand job in putting together these hikes - your latest babies!!

Nerida Cooksley - (Heart of Sardinia and Island of Corsica - September 2022)

My profound thanks for two awesome trips. The atmosphere of the first dinner held on the terrace in Bard remains an outstanding memory (among so many) for the weather, company, food and wine. You have spoilt me, seriously, and opened my eyes to all that is Italy.

Peter McGuckin - (Best of the Italian Alps and Austria and the Dolomites - July 2022)

Thanks to you both for a fabulous weekend of hiking and ‘hedonising’ in the beautiful Beechworth region. The three of us enjoyed it very much.  You’ve put together a really great program and the mix of healthy exercise and a bit of indulgence is exactly what we were looking for. We wish you well for your European summer season and look forward to staying in touch.

Jeremy Lasek - (Hiking around Beechworth - April 2022)

A big thanks for the most wonderful trip in the Goldfields.  Mick, your leadership on the track was great and I so enjoyed all the explanations about the gold-mining processes as well as seeing the channels, races, tunnels, mullet heaps, brick ruins etc. Thank you, Mick for preparing special food for me on a couple of nights.  You’re a great chef.   Of course, Jackie, your culinary skills are amazing.  Your lunches were eagerly-awaited as we approached our bush sites.  Your salads, wines, breads, cheeses and sweets were mouth-watering.  And, it was great that you were able to source so much locally.  I applaud you both for all your hard work to ensure that we were all kept happy.

Margaret Deacon - (Highlights of the Goldfields Track - April 2022)

I believe HH gets better with age, just like the fine local wines, inter alia, you select for us at lunch and dinner along the way.  I could not fault any one thing - not one, the company of my fellow hikers, the Castlemaine and Daylesford accommodation, Mick’s brilliant food (the Seafood Risotto was a standout for me), the selection of evening dining experiences (Bar Midland WOW!) and of course the Lake House. Even the brand new spotlessly presented bus was noted. And best of all was being, once again, able to catch up with you and Mick. 

Peter Minehan - (Highlights of the Goldfields Track - April 2022)

Hedonistic Hiking is more than amazing. Great food and wine, great walking and very generous hosts in Jackie and Mick .They always give that extra effort which makes the experience one that you want to remember. Great value and, as previously stated, more than amazing.

Jeff Gestier - (Highlights of the Goldfields Track - April 2022)

A belated note to let you know how much I enjoyed the recent Great Ocean Walk that you conducted in March.  The organization was impeccable and the accommodation, restaurants, meals prepared by you, and all the other myriad arrangements, exceeded expectations.  It was great to be enthusiastic afterwards about the 'hike' when asked about it, and to have enjoyed the company of the fellow walkers.

Amanda David -  (Great Ocean Walk - March 2022)

Thanks so much for a really lovely weekend. Both Frank and I enjoyed ourselves very much.  It was a lovely place to stay in and your wonderful food always makes it very special. We loved being part of the weekend and it was so good to see you both looking well and happy.

Sandy Storey-Wilson -  (Alpine Walking Weekend - March 2022)

Great walking with Jackie and Mick on the South West Coast and the Grampians.  These guys go together like gin and tonic, red wine and cheese, they really have their act together. Every aspect of this tour was first class from the accommodation to outstanding food and wine.

The day would start punctually (be 10 minutes early to avoid a scowl from Mick) and the daily adventure would begin. We walked along coastal tracks, through enchanted woodlands and on to petrified forests and Jackie would be waiting with a fantastic gourmet lunch with wines included. And they both cook.  If we were not at a local restaurant we were treated to gourmet home cooking, as Mick is also a chef.

The Grampians were a highlight, as was the 8 course degustation menu with matching wines on our last night together at the Royal Mail in Dunkeld.  This was my third trip with Hedonistic Hiking, two in Australia and one in Southern Italy. Grab them while they are in lock down in Australia as they are great value.

Jeff Gestier - (South West Coast and Grampians - April 2021)

Deb and I had a great time on our first hike in Australia with Hedonistic. We weren’t sure whether the experience could match those we have had in Italy, which we thought were magnificent.  We were blown away with the week and have told many of our friends about it and your organisation. The glue that keeps all these experiences together are you two, Jackie and Mick. Jackie, you are magnificent and Mick’s skills in bushcraft, storytelling and culinary delights are just outstanding. We had a truly wonderful time. Thank you both so very much. I really hope we can do another hike be it in Italy but probably in Oz.

Ray and Deb Campbell - (Great Ocean Walk - March 2021)

Just wanted to say a big thank you for a super weekend. Both of you really go above and beyond to ensure a fantastic gourmet hiking experience - we really enjoyed our first “taste” of your adventures and I am sure we will find another tour to do with you soon. Back home now to reality - a cheese sandwich and the weeding!!

Ange and Steve Hoptroff - (Hiking around Beechworth - March 2021)

Jackie and Mick,  We just loved the weekend. Thank you so much.The food and wine were delicious as always. It was so good to see you both and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of everyone on the walk. I love Mick’s lunchtime stories too. They are read in such an entertaining way and it adds to the whole experience.  See you again in a few weeks!

Sandy Storey-Wilson - (Hiking at Dinner Plain - February 2021)

As first-time hikers, we highly recommend Hedonistic Hiking. We did a day hike on Mt Buffalo, Victoria. Jackie was a superb guide - so experienced, professional, friendly and encouraging, she made the day absolutely wonderful and memorable. She picked us up as scheduled and led us through the trail with lots of explanation about the history, landscape, wildlife and plantlife. She was great at gauging our ability and making the hike flexible to suit us. The swim in the beautifully clear waters of the mountain lake was a fantastic way to ease the muscles after our workout. The lunch provided was delicious - fresh, wholesome and local gourmet food, prepared and presented with love and attention and accompanied by superb wine. As visitors in the High Country we also benefitted from Jackie's local knowledge of great farm shops and restaurants. We hope to do more hiking with Hedonistic Hiking in the future.

Jan Hubner - (Day Hike from Bright - November 2020)

After seven unique and immensely rewarding Italian hiking experiences with HH, it was time to move the compass back to home territory in the beautiful High Country. The hike and sunset dinner on Mount Buffalo was planned, however the bushfires sadly had closed access to the trail. Instead, Mick and Jackie provided an equally spectacular experience – a 10k hike up Mount Porepunkah ascending 600m on a perfectly graded trail through typical high country terrain. Spectacular views at every turn. None more spectacular than at the top of our destination revealing  an uninterrupted 360 degree vista of the High Country peaks and valleys, enjoyed with a glass of Prosecco in hand. The dinner followed with the superb cuisine from Mick’s cookbook and kitchen perfectly matched with specialty local wines. And then there was the sunset….breathtaking. HH has built a deserved reputation for superior quality end to end service, using in depth local knowledge to take us to special places that provide long lasting memories. Mick and Jackie delivered…again. Mount Buffalo awaits in 2021.

Peter Still - (Sunset Dinner on Mount Buffalo - Feb 2020)

Wasn't sure how the week would go ... as a hiking "virgin" but it's been just lovely.  Great company, great organisation, great choice of hotels, restaurants and attractions.  Thank you Jackie and Laura - you're both fabulous!

Ross Barnard - (Jewels of Piedmont - October 2019)

Many many thanks for another memorable hiking tour with Hedonistic! As usual the attention to detail was impeccable. Right from booking through to departure you made David and I feel so well looked after, seemingly done in such an effortless way. We really appreciate what goes on behind the scenes from all your team to make the trip so enjoyable. This tour has inspired us to do more challenging hiking in the future, both in the UK and with Hedonistic ! And we are more than happy to promote the tours you do!

Jane and David Stokoe - (Wilds of Abruzzo - October 2019)

Jackie and Mick - Thank you again for sharing your genuine love and insights into such a wild, beautiful part of the world.  Your enthusiasm and knowledge are greatly appreciated and we love that you share the best of places that we would never find on our own.

Chris and Claire Langdon - (Northern Tuscany and  Ravenna - October 2019)

The trip was everything that was promised. The good food, wine and walking.  What for me was a special feature was the kindness and help that I received from Jackie and Cinzia which made it special for me.

James Smith - (A Tuscan Harvest - September 2019)

Thanks Mick and Jackie for wonderful hospitality and care. Fantastic walks and Mick even carried Ghislaine's pack which was a weight off my shoulders! Best walking guides ever. Will definitely do another walk with Hedonistic Hiking

David and Ghislaine Stephenson - (Austria and the Dolomites - September 2019)

Mick and Jackie - This has been the ultimate vacation because I had to do nothing but to enjoy! Your extensive, thoughtful pre-plannng shows in every hike, meal and sip of wine. HH has far exceeded my expectations. Thank you. Hope to see you again soon!

Carol Burdette -  (Austria and the Dolomites - September 2019)

We were overjoyed to introduce our very good friends to Hedonistic Hiking and totally confident they would enjoy it.  However, as usual, Jackie and Mick you have exceeded all expectations!! Thank you so much.

Bridgit and John Fairhurst - (Palio of Siena - August 2019)

It was such a glorious treat to spend these last nine days with you both. Your attention to detail, your beautiful smiles and warm friendly welcome made for a fantastic holiday and some very special memories.  I shall be booking my next trip with you with eager anticipation. Thank you so much.

Jo Cruickshank - (Mountains of Piedmont - June 2019)

The trip has absolutely exceeded my expectations for the challenges of the walking, the magnificent scenery and the absolutely incredible food. You have both been wonderful hosts. Thank you and see you again!

Jo Hynes - (Slovenia and Friuli - June 2019)

Jackie-what can I say about Umbria? I loved it. What was promised was delivered and more so. I now think that Italy will be my ‘go to' for hiking above anywhere else. Perhaps I’ll work on attempting the language too? Watching you with the locals was a real highlight. Thank you for all your efforts, energy, warmth and for showing our group what Italy has to offer.

Kerry Davey (Medieval Umbria - May 2019)

Wonderful walking, great food and fine wines - what is there not to like? I leave after a fabulous holiday and bit fitter and a bit fatter at the same time.  How can that be?  Thank you!

Clive Nicholls (Lucca, Volterra and Elba - May 2019)

Jackie and Mick obviously select and build an extraordinary relationship with their suppliers that connect the suppliers to the hikers in order to provide a very bespoke and intimate experience. All catering and wine makers are passionate in providing the best possible products. Add to that the high level of planning and blending of the amazing local produce into the entire weekend. Top that off with friendly and professional service continuously made for a sensational weekend. Loved the poems Mick! These are the travel experiences that we all will remember for a very long time and clearly distinguish Hedonistic Hiking from most other organised travel packages.  Thank you Jackie and Mick.

Howard & Jill Randall (Hiking in the King Valley - March 2019)

Thank you so very much for your spectacular input into making our experience so memorable.  It was a wonderful trip, and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, and seeing such a beautiful and interesting part of the world through your eyes.  Totally memorable for all the right reasons!!!

Lucille Franklin and Keith Piper (Slovenia and Friuli - October 2018)

Many thanks to you both for such a great week – your attention to detail be it accommodation, restaurants, picnics, dinners, wines, additional activities such as the winery tour, organisation and logistics was incredible! We thought it would be hard to top the experiences we thoroughly enjoyed on our 2015 Italian Lakes walk.  HOWEVER we think that Hedonistic Hiking has lifted the bar a notch or two as the Northern Tuscany and Ravenna tour was exemplary in every way possible.

Christine & Peter Minehan (Northern Tuscany and Ravenna - October 2018)

I enjoyed everything about this trip!  A friend of mine encouraged me to do it and I am so glad he did.  The food, wine, company and scenery were all amazing.  It is so nice to meet others who have the same interests.  I will definitely do another trip someday.

Deb Ackerman, (Slovenia and Friuli - June 2018)

We joined the hike with high hopes that it would be sensational and invigorating. And so it turned out to be. In fact the hike, and all that went with it [wonderful food and wine, great company, perfect organisation and exhilarating scenery], surpassed our expectations. We could not have asked for more.

Tom Goudkamp, Australia (Great Ocean Walk - March 2018)

Just to say thanks heaps for a fantastic holiday. It was pretty much faultless. Thanks for taking the time and effort to get the details right and having added extras!

Jane Farmer, Australia - (Southern Italy - October 2017)

Many thanks for ensuring you exceeded our expectations. It was a wonderful experience and many of our friends are envious. Your attention to detail was outstanding and Tansy I haven’t eaten as well since. You certainly do have a great job Jackie.

Lisa Lyons, Australia (Parma Tuscany and Ligurian Sea - Sept 2017)

Needless to stay you exceeded all of our expectations and other than marrying one another and having our respective kids Ella and I agree that your hike was the best thing we have EVER DONE!!!

Barry Coleman, Australia (Best of the Italian Alps - July 2017)

We recently went on the Jewels of Piedmont tour with Hedonistic Hiking.  We loved every minute of it even though the weather was extremely hot and some of the walks a bit challenging for us. Jackie was amazing –  she inspired us with her leadership and her knowledge of the area and its place in the history of modern Italy. Not to forget Cinzia her “sidekick”.  Always there to happily lend a hand as well as producing incredible picnic lunches made with local produce. Her knowledge of the food and wines of the region is extensive and she gave us some background on all the food we had – yum, yum.  All in all it was a wonderful experience.  Nothing was too much trouble – they went out of their way to keep everyone happy and they succeeded.  

Alan & Pamela, Melbourne, Australia.  Retired but not retiring!  (Jewels of Piedmont - June 2017)

We had a great and "invigorating" time. Mick was very knowledgeable and a great leader. Fantastic food - far better than I ever imagined - and all round a very happy contented group. Well done Hedonistic!

David and Kirsty Ross (Slovenia & Friuli - June 2017)

Cathie Marr joined our hike The Highlights of Mount Buffalo in March 2017 and made a photo diary of the weekend.  You can see it here.

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the walk in the Australian Alps. I have been talking about it all this week!  The attention to detail was first class as was the food and wine! Thank you to both of you for sharing your knowledge and passion. All the best to you both for your European tours and I hope to see you on another of your walks in the not too distant future.

Sandra Ashley (The Highlights of Mount Buffalo - March/April 2017)

Thank you both so much for a marvellous few days - weather brilliant, walking a joy in this region unvisited by us before, the scrumptious picnics & dinners. The opportunity to dine at Simones will be a long living fond food memory. Looking forward to seeing you in Italy soon!

Christine & Peter Minehan (The Highlights of Mount Buffalo - March/April 2017)

Many thanks for giving us a such a wonderful experience over the 5 days of our Great Ocean Road walk! There is no doubt that it was very successful for the whole group partly due to your generosity and attention to detail. It was fantastic to come back at the end of the day knowing that, after a hot shower, there would be a delicious meal served with wine and a comfortable bed to follow.

Trish and Rob Howman-Giles (Great Ocean Walk - March 2017)

We have just had our first trip with Hedonistic Hiking in the Piemonte region of Italy. We loved exploring this beautiful area, away from the main tourist traps. The scenery was stunning, the hotels very comfortable with superb breakfasts and the hiking was so enjoyable (and necessary to burn off a few of the calories!) We particularly loved Cinzia's picnic lunches, with her informative and passionate descriptions and explanations of the local cheeses, bread, cold meats and wine. Jackie (tour guide and owner) had organised a fabulous program and her enthusiasm was infectious. We can't wait to do another Hedonistic Hiking trip, it is just such a dilemma which one to choose!

Anne Halbert (Jewels of Piedmont - October 2016)

Thank you for such a wonderful holiday - one of the best I have ever had...I loved every minute, even hiking in the mud. You have many talents Jackie and your enjoyment of your work and sense of fun is so obvious and infectious. Cinzia thank you for putting so much effort into choosing the wonderful wine and food for us, and for being so warm and open, we should all be more Italian - especially from the mountains in Piedmont.

Brian Berrigan (Jewels of Piedmont - October 2016)

We both enjoyed ourselves more than we ever imagined and already plans are afoot for further hiking in 2017. Thank you to everyone for such good company and especially to you Jackie for your boundless energy and detailed thoughtful planning. We learned much and were continually amazed at the breadth of your knowledge of both the land and its history. Best wishes and many thanks to everyone for making it such a great holiday.

Catherine and John Percy (Slovenia and Friuli - June 2016)

Jackie and Cinzia – thank you both so much for your enthusiasm, leadership, deep and shared knowledge and fun on our Umbrian idyll. I thought the choice of routes and the places we stayed were absolutely great: the holiday felt as if we were being let in on a wonderful secret, and being introduced to places we would never have discovered by ourselves.  That goes for the lovely abbeys and churches, the secret footpaths, the olive oil producer and his meal under the trees, that ruined castle, the madness of the Three Ceri in Gubbio and, of course, the restaurants, meals and wine that Cinzia so expertly informed us about.  It was all terrific and I haven’t stopped raving about it since I got back. 

Valerie Chidson (Medieval Umbria - May 2016)

It was a most enjoyable holiday, your attention to detail is exemplary and you deserve to do well.

Jackie Whitehead (The Italian Lakes - May 2016)

I went on this tour not knowing a thing about it as a friend organised and recommended it. Brilliant is the only thing I can say. Well organised, great people, the hikes were challenging enough for an office worker like me to give a sense of achievement and not a sense of "no way, let me get off". Well organised, great accommodation and Jackie and Mick are generous, welcoming and professional. I would recommend this to any body who enjoys the natural world, food, wine and learning about other cultures. Thank you to the Hedonistic hiking team.

Kaye Adams (The Jewels of Piedmont - November 2015)

Over the past 6 years, Hedonistic Hiking has opened the door for me to discovering Italy. What an amazing adventure it has been and they have never disappointed me on their many and varied walks. Their latest treat is in Southern Italy. This was my 10th walking holiday in Italy with Jackie and Mick Parsons. With 15 other eager hikers (all of us return Hedonistic Hikers), we met in Naples and travelled south to Basilicata to sample the wonderful food, wine and the great outdoors this region has to offer on this all inclusive guided gourmet holiday. I was amazed at the sweeping views that opened up walking down from the mountains into the coastal town of Maratea, to the wonders of the Pollino National Park, cloaked in its autumn glory and to visting the Unesco World Heritage city of Matera. Just a few of the many highlights of this trip.

Barbara Bayliss (Southern Italy - October 2015)

Third tour in Italy and another 3 events in Australia have all been superb. Jackie and Mick cover every aspect required to make your small group Hedonistic adventure one to remember. A perfect opportunity to travel with like minded people seeking a personalized and classy holiday with food, wine and walking (which can be optional depending on your personal capabilities). Highly recommended and we will be back. Grazie Mille!

Rod and Lisa Tremayne (The Palio of Siena - August 2015)

Jackie, thanks so much for a wonderful trip. We had a great time and really appreciated your careful planning, hard work and attention to detail. Furthermore your very impressive detailed knowledge of the history and art of Siena really enhanced our experience. I don't underestimate the amount of effort involved and I can tell you that it was very much appreciated by us.

Louise Smith (The Palio of Siena - August 2015)

Such a great week spent walking, eating, and drinking with old friends and new friends. Jackie, you were wonderful as always. You have a way of anticipating our needs before we're even aware of them ourselves! I'm sure we will join you again, perhaps in Australia next time.

Toni Shaffer (The Jewels of Piedmont - June 2015)

Thank you so much Jackie for the wonderful week of hiking, eating, drinking, education and of course meeting a group of really super people from around the world.  The organisation (and weather!) was impeccable and the lunchtime readings a lovely touch. Being at the foot of Monviso was a truly transcendental experience. I have a long list of friends who will be receiving an illustrated email of just what a great experience Hedonistic Hiking is. The four ‘Sudanese’ women can’t wait for next summer and another magical week, in Slovenia and Friuli next time!

Samia Omar (The Jewels of Piedmont - June 2015)

No matter how well a company plans a new trip there must be an enhanced risk of the unexpected first time out. Not so with Hedonistic on this new week in Lucca, Volterra and Elba. Their great attention to detailed planning once again proved itself as did their ability to add those extra features that make all their trips more than just a hiking holiday. Wine tastings of course but also a memorable light operatic concert in an old church in Lucca, the home of Puccini and a visit to Napoleon's villa on Elba. My guess is that Elba could be very overcrowded in high season but visiting in early May was ideal with wonderful displays of spring flowers and lavender. A good mix of walks with enough of interest for the less serious walkers to enjoy days off exploring the culture, food and wine. Thanks again to Jackie and Cinzia.

Chris Bell (Lucca, Volterra and Elba - May 2015)

To both Mick and Jackie, your faultless organisation skills and multi-tasking roles was something that I did not think existed. Congratulations on organising the event and for working so hard for the enjoyment of the group that attended from across the country. Your ability to give us a wonderfully diverse range of Alpine weather over the weekend was another amazing feat! We look forward to joining Hedonistic Hiking again either in Oz or Europe somewhere in the near future. 10+ / 10

Philip and Lotty Schultz (Easter at Falls Creek - April 2015)

Thanks to you both for a great week. I thought the coastline was amazing and all the stories you told us Mick about ship wrecks and lighthouses were most interesting. The meals and wines were delicious, you did a great job Jackie! I have been telling lots of my friends in Moree about your tours and many are interested, particularly in the Italian ones!

Moz Hickson (The Great Ocean Walk Private Group - November 2014)

I've just had my first experience with Hedonistic Hiking and cannot speak highly enough about the organization and sheer pleasure of the experience provided. Jackie is a delight; always positive and encouraging, and her passion for hiking is infectious. Each day was well planned and provided variety. Annabel came to be affectionately known as "Santa Annabella" by the group because of her ability to "save" us after a hiking stint with her delicious foods and wine! This is an experience I am committed to recommending to others, and I will soon be deciding which HH trip I will sign up for next.

Lina Tesoriero (The Wilds of Abruzzo - October 2014)

We can’t praise you enough for your wonderful organisational skills that provided us with a faultless week of walking, eating, drinking and fun. You are responsible for making the week so memorable and we can’t wait for the next one!

Terry and Eddie Burridge (A Tuscan Harvest - September 2014)

Thank you so much for another fabulous holiday. You and Annabel looked after us so well.  Wonderful food and wines,  great walks and logistics that worked perfectly.

Catherine and Mark Jeffries (The Italian Lakes - September 2014)

Hi Jackie and Annabel,
Thank you for a lovely week. Carolyn and I arrived safely in Parma and are looking forward to our next adventure with you. Your knowledge of the localities we visited, the food and wine we tasted and your attention to detail was inspirational. Your kindness to me was much appreciated and I certainly enjoyed my time with you even though I was unable to participate in many of the challenging walks. Without this tour I would have not been able to experience the wonderful local culture and see the beautiful areas you showed us.

Carla Bergstrom (The Italian Lakes - September 2014)

We’ve been asked time and time again what was the highlight of our holiday (Paris, Scenic River Cruise, Pisa, Palio de Siena, Lucca, Como and Singapore).  Of course, The Palio wins hands down.  What a fantastic experience.  Thank you Jackie for the meticulous planning.  All the events leading up to the Palio, your amazing knowledge of its history, the tours, the cafes, the restaurants, the dinners, the winery, the cooking class, the picnics and yes, even the hikes, I couldn’t recommend this tour more.  

Claire McLean (Palio of Siena - August 2014)

I really enjoyed the 9 days I spent with you, Isabelle and the rest of the group.  As I had no idea what to expect and did not know anyone I had been a little apprehensive.  But everyone was so friendly and welcoming I enjoyed every moment of the trip from meeting you all in Ljubljana to saying goodbye in Venice.  

Gina Dark (Slovenia and Friuli - June 2014)

Thank you both for making our weekend of hiking and other activities such a success.  Your attention to detail was exemplary and the assistance of your various helpers in the culinary and wine growing areas was most appropriate and of a very high standard. Your walk was certainly at the top end of any walking tours we have done over the years in a Victoria and Tasmania.  Congratulations! 

Carmel and Jeremy Frost (Highlights of Mount Buffalo National Park - March 2014)

We loved Mick! He gave us enough information to keep us interested but never went into too much detail.  And Jackie we truly appreciated your efforts in sharing your local food and produce knowledge, and your talks at each of the meals.

Mary-Anne Pagliaro (Highlights of Mount Buffalo National Park - February 2014)

I appreciated how Jackie treated us all as individuals and was patient and supportive of our varying levels of walking and ability and Dina's food was DELICIOUS!  I have the 2014 brochure and will show it to all my friends and family and sing your praises!

Diane Morris  (Slovenia and Friuli - October 2013)

Diane was kind enough to write a rave review and send it to
The Sydney Morning Herald Travel Section.  Click here for the article.

Thank you so much to you and Dina for making our Slovenia holiday so wonderful.  They keep getting better.
Your attention to detail and knowledge are outstanding.  It was a good mix of participants too especially with the wide range of backgrounds.  Slovenia was impressive!

Kay and Jack de Bruijne  (Slovenia and Friuli - October 2013)

Perfect walking trip, the third we have completed with Hedonistic Hiking, and the best to date.  We will walk again with HH in Australia and we are definitely coming back to Italy.  HH have mastered the art of mixing people from different cultures, ages and walking skills and making them integrate and enjoy eachother's company.  Well done and thank you!

 Rob and Alana Monaci  (Parma, Tuscany & the Cinque Terre - September 2013)

Simply the Best!  The reason I keep going back... Sheer professionalism, great attention to detail, wonderful walks, food, wine and of course Jackie.  Reject the rest...Select the best... I have already booked for next year!

Larry Viner  (Parma, Tuscany & the Cinque Terre - September 2013)

I congratulate you and Mick for organising such a wonderful week among the Alps. You two run a very professional company, and I would recommend travelling with you. I hope that I will join you again sometime, before age catches up!

Kathryn Hammond  (The Italian Alps - July 2013)

You are an outstanding tour leader Jackie.  Your calm, efficient, knowledgeable and friendly personality ensures that everyone enjoys the walks.  Without a doubt you are the best tour leader I have ever had the pleasure of being away with.  Keep up the good work!

Joy McKinstry  (Jewels of Piedmont - June 2013)

A wonderful experience, fantastic company, walking, food & wine … definitely lived up to your name!  I was also very pleased that single travellers were not allocated the inferior rooms in hotels. It seemed that everyone, couples & singles, were considered equally.  Looking forward to seeing you again!

Marilyn Wiley  (Slovenia & Friuli - June 2013)

We’ve never done a holiday like this before and we had a ball. We’ll recommend it to anyone considering this sort of trip.

Warren and Deswyn Bird  (The Jewels of Piedmont - October 2012)

Jackie’s potted history lessons were exceptional; she has put a lot of preparation into all aspects of the different areas we visited. The story times were a fantastic touch.  Dina was great too. We loved her enthusiasm for the beautiful food and great wine. Loved every minute of our holiday and would certainly travel with you again, because we like to get off the beaten track and see more than just the tourist hot spots. All in all a truly memorable trip.

John and Sue O'Brien  (Slovenia and Friuli - 2012)

In my opinion the two trips were excellent in all respects – and huge fun. They were extremely well planned, organised and led. I spent over 20 years as a business consultant helping large and small clients perform better but I didn’t come across many small businesses as well run as yours. All the hotels, meals and wine were first class – some special indeed – which tells me that we, on the receiving end, have benefited from your insightful and extensive research. Bravo Zulu!

Gordon Ramsay (Medieval Umbria and Parma Tuscany & Cinque Terre  - September 2012)

Jackie is outstanding in every way, a great credit to her profession!

Walter and Mary Hannah (Jewels of Piedmont - June 2012)

The itinerary and walking was wonderful and the preparation of lunches phenomenal.  Compared to other walking vacations taken, this one had the most value for money and was managed flawlessly.

Mary Jane Roberts, Chicago (Parma, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre - Sept 2011)

Jackie is a wonderful guide, and her organisational skills, attention to detail, knowledge, professionalism and friendliness made it the best organised holiday we have ever been on. The whole thing was great from start to finish, and it really was all inclusive. The food and wines were wonderful. Everything was made better by her extensive knowledge of the region and its history. We can't recommend HH enough.

David and Aileen, Sydney (Parma, Tuscany and Cinque Terre - Sept 2008)