The Importance of Being Insured

Submitted by HedonisticHiking on 13 Feb 2017

Many people, on booking tours with us, ask if they really need to buy Travel Insurance and our response is always yes. In fact it is a condition of travel with Hedonistic Hiking and we always ask you for your insurance company details.  See our full Terms and Conditions.

A good comprehensive insurance policy should cover you for accidents, illness, missed flights, cancellations, lost baggage, theft, loss of important documents such as passports and emergency evacuation. However, each traveller's policy will vary depending on age, how much of the trip is prepaid, the refundability of the air ticket purchased, your state of health (and insurers will look carefully at any pre-existing conditions), the value of your luggage, which countries are being visited, the financial health of the tour companies and airlines being used, and what coverage you might already have through medical insurance, home insurance, bank accounts and/or credit cards.

It is very important to clearly discuss all these issues directly with the insurance provider and be sure to understand exactly what is and is not covered by the policy they are offering. Your personal attitude to risk will play a part in the final policy you choose.

Top Tips:

We recommended you buy your insurance policy at the same time as you make the first payment on your trip.

If you travel frequently, multitrip annual policies can save you money. Check with your agent or insurer before you commit. Look at the total number of days you are insured to be away on any one trip.

If you have a reason to claim keep every receipt and a brief diary of the dates of events and circumstances leading to your claim. Obviously it is imperative to keep all medical papers relating to a claim.

If your trip to Europe is also going to include extensive rail travel or car hire, then make sure you have discussed this with the insurance provider to ensure you have the right cover for you.

Don't automatically buy your Insurance policy from your travel agent. Shop around for the right deal for you.

Whilst we are in no way endorsing one Insurance Provider over any other, long-standing Hedonistic Hiking guests have recommended 1Cover, Cover-More and Suresave for Australian travellers and Aviva for the UK.