Walking Holidays in Slovenia

A guided walking holiday in Slovenia can offer the most delicious escape from a world in which our time is seemingly swallowed up by the modern rush and demanding latest technologies. On a hiking tour you have time to stop and study the landscape and you are close enough to nature to marvel at its many wonders. The surroundings are so peaceful you can hear yourself think and the clean fresh air fills you with life and energy.


Hike in Slovenia and you will see that its a beautiful, tiny, green country lying right in the heart of Europe nestled between the Alps and the Mediterranean. For a small country, it has an amazing geographical diversity: lakes and snow-capped mountains, beaches and vineyards, caves and thermal springs. It has a population of only 2 million people and shares its borders with Italy, Hungary, Austria and Croatia.  It is often referred to as the "sunny side of the Alps".


Slovenia has a great reputation for hospitality and the "gostilna" restaurants, traditional places to enjoy good food and wine, usually serve dishes prepared to old recipes using the best local ingredients.   Kobarid, which sits on the pretty turquoise Soca river, is regarded as the culinary capital of the country and has many excellent restaurants.   Slovenia does not have a wide global audience for its wines, most of them being consumed by Slovenians themselves, but they grow a wide variety of grapes and produce many highly regarded fine wines.


Another draw for a walking holiday in Slovenia is Ljubljana, its capital city, often described as one of the "hidden gems" of Europe. The Medieval Castle towers above the old town with its pretty facades and uneven roof-tops, while the population is vibrant, youthful and welcoming. Inhabitants number only 280,000 and it has a wonderfully relaxed and measured pace.  During winter its dreamy central European character prevails and, during summer, it has an easy Mediterranean feel.


If you've never been on a walking holiday in Europe before then this is a stunning country to start your adventures on foot! At Hedonistic Hiking we are passionate about the food, the wine and the walking of this beautiful land.  For full details of our small group walking tours here and in Italy then click on the ITALY tab above. To receive our electronic monthly newsletter please subscribe on the home page.