Special Offer for 2013

Take advantage of our Special Offer for 2013 and receive a complimentary night's accommodation between tours if you book two. We can help you to plan your time between tours, find the right hotels and help with bookings.

Here are some examples of how this might work:

Book Slovenia and Friuli finishing on June 10th in Venice and take a few relaxing days making your way across northern Italy, stopping to see Milan, ready to start The Jewels of Piedmont on 14th June in Turin

Book The Italian Alps finishing on 11th July in Turin and drop down to Tuscany, exploring Pisa or Florence en route, ready to start The Treasures of Tuscany on 13th July.

Book Medieval Umbria finishing on 11th September in Florence and then continue via Bologna to beautiful Parma ready to start Parma, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre on 13th September.

Below is the full chronological listing of Italian tours for 2013 to help you plan.  Click the arrow to see tour details:

22nd-30th May: (9 days) The Wilds of Abruzzo

2nd-10th June: (9 days) Slovenia and Friuli

14th-21st June: (8 days) The Jewels of Piedmont

4th-11th July: (8 days) The Italian Alps

13th-20th July: (8 days) The Treasures of Tuscany

12th-18th August: (7 days) The Palio of Siena

4th-11th September: (8 days) Medieval Umbria

13th-20th September: (8 days) Parma, Tuscany and the Cinque Terre

22nd-29th September: (8 days) A Tuscan Harvest

2nd-10th October: (9 days) Slovenia and Friuli

12th-19th October: (8 days) The Jewels of Piedmont

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice on how this could work best for you.   To help you decide, visit our City Guides page full of ideas of what to see and where to stay in Italy's major cities.  And don't forget, we will treat you to a complimentary night!