Annabel makes 10 year milestone

Submitted by HedonisticHiking on 12 Aug 2021

This August marks ten years since Annabel joined our small team in her role as Marketing Manager.  We met working together in Italy before Hedonistic Hiking was even an idea and then as HH started to expand we knew we needed another pair of hands.  A chance meeting in our local café near Siena led to a discussion about working together and the rest, as they say, is history.  

Annabel, known as The Boss, has always worked from her UK office and manages our website, writes all the Blogs and monthly newsletters, produces our print materials and generally keeps the admin on track. Over the ten years we've had some truly fantastic experiences - both in Europe and in Australia.  She has run many trips alongside us in Italy and Slovenia, has met hundreds of our guests and helped over the years to research new tours.  She has visited Australia eight times in the ten years to help with marketing events on this side of the world and we've seen eachother through happy and sad moments in our personal lives.  Most of all we've had a huge amount of fun, many glasses of wine, some amazing meals, and the satisfaction of running a successful small business, even when times get really challenging.  We've put together a few pics to commemorate the years 2011-2021 which show a few days in the life of our Hedonistic Hiking Marketing Manager.



Serving up lunch on her first Parma tour in Tuscany                                     First trip to Australia and our Lazy Lunch in Bright


Driving around Abruzzo in the HH mini                                                           Climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge with Jackie


Marketing our tours in Canberra                                                                        Researching new tour on Island of Corsica


Finding the Big Orange on South Australian road trip                                          Driving around the UK spreading the HH message


Making soup in a Force 10 gale in Abruzzo                                                  Preparing for our Sunset Dinner on Mount Buffalo


Hiking the Carrara marble mountains in Tuscany                                        Fun team day in London in a little mini


Completing the Great Ocean Walk with the Chairman                                Exhausted after chasing Jackie around the French Alps


A hiking picnic on Elba                                                                                  A real cliff-hanger - a mad picnic on the edge of Mount Buffalo