More Books for Cooks

Submitted by HedonisticHiking on 16 Jan 2017

It seems that the world cannot have too many cookery books and our fascination with the Italian kitchen and Italy's bounty of delicious fresh ingredients continues apace.  More and more books on the subject of food are published each year and here are three that have recently caught our eye ...


Ursula Ferrigno is an acclaimed food writer and chef. She trained at the Auguste Escoffier School of the Culinary Arts and has taught at leading cookery schools in both the UK and Italy, including the famous Leith’s School of Food and Wine in London. Culinary oils are ingredients that need to be understood in order to be enjoyed at their best and this book helps us to learn more about each oil’s unique flavour profile and qualities. It then demonstrates how to use them in many delicious recipes, from Asian-style salads to Mediterranean fish dishes.

Published by Ryland Peters & Small and CICO Books

Eataly - Contemporary Italian Cooking

Eataly is the largest exclusive Italian marketplace in the world, with high-quality restaurants, food and beverage counters, bakery, retail items, and a cookery school. Eataly also collaborates with the Slow Food movement, and it aims to offer the best artisan products at reasonable prices by creating a direct relationship between producers and distributors, and focusing on sustainability and responsibility. This beautiful book features 300 landmark recipes highlighting the best of contemporary Italian home cooking. Excellent but easy recipes with wonderful photography make this an essential book for anyone wanting to learn about Italian cooking today.

Published by Phaidon


Caz Hildebrand is an award-winning designer and part of the team that produced the cookbook The Geometry of Pasta, pairing over 100 shapes of pasta with their perfect sauces. This beautifully illustrated book explores the history and uses of 100 herbs, as well as providing ideas for both cooking and health and well-being. From bergamot to wasabi, all types of herbs are covered along with helpful advice on when and how to grow them. Herbarium celebrates everything about herbs and all their life-enhancing properties.

Published by Thames & Hudson